Arboricultural Solutions

Arboricultural Solutions Vinton Tree Services are experts in the cultivation of trees and shrubs in urban and forestry settings.

Experience counts

With more than 27 years in the tree services industry, Vinton Tree Services draw on our past experience and success to deliver excellent results in the cultivation of trees and shrubs whether it be for beauty, shade, social, environmental or economic purposes.

We manage all aspects of the growth and maintenance process and can work with a variety of species in a range of settings.

Dangerous, dead and diseased trees can be safely removed, surveys and reporting can be undertaken along with landscape planning and design and planting.

Specialist services

Vinton Tree Services are qualified and equipped to undertake all work safely and cost effectively. Our arboriculture services include:

Tree planting:
We are equipped to provide tree planting on mass as well as individual requests. We use an auger to dig holes on larger planting requests, maximising both time and labor. We also have water trucks to water in the newly planted trees and aged forest mulch to help retain moisture around the trees.

We are resourced to supply individual tree or jet sprayed watering using recycled water. The capacity of our tanks ranges from 2000 to 13 000 litres. All medium strip water trucks are fitted with arrow boards, a traffic controller and equipment to maintain the flow of traffic.

Mulch spreading:
Our bobcat fleet has the capacity to load and spread mulch in almost any terrain.

Pruning and thinning:
Our staff are trained in the science and techniques of pruning and thinning. All work is undertaken to Australian Pruning Standard AS4373/2008 and meets all regulatory and environmental requirements.

Arboricultural Solutions

Arboricultural Solutions

Arboricultural Solutions
Arboricultural Solutions Arboricultural Solutions


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