Lantana Muncher

Lantana MuncherVinton Tree Services can transform unmanageable land into a beautifully prepared landscape, plus we can treat bushland floor to remove fuel loads and lessen the impact of fire – and we do it all quickly and easily with thanks to the lantana muncher.

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The lantana plant has been declared a weed of national significance by the Australian Government. There are 29 varieties of lantana in Australia. It can kill native vegetation and is impenetrable by people, animals and vehicles. It creates hotter bushfires and spoils the beauty and usability of the natural landscape.

It’s important to act quickly to prevent lantana spreading. Whether your property is comprised of standing trees, scrub, brush or green or dead debris, Vinton Tree Services’ lantana muncher can help you keep any lantana under control. We can also reduce large amounts of vegetation to mulch, increasing the utility and value of your property and allowing for easier slasher mowing maintenance.

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Managing the risk

It is now more important than ever that land owners and managers manage their fuel load, fire risk and the impact of any potential fire. Left unchecked, understory and other underlying vegetation contributes to the risk. Vinton Tree Services have the equipment and skills to clear any property engulfed with understory vegetation in a short amount of time. This includes difficult to access sites. Plus we can revegetate sites and create fire breaks and trails whilst reducing the risks of environmental damage and erosion.

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